Our founders have more than 2000 endorsements, awards and testimonials to their names. We have many case studies and examples of successful results available upon request 

"Business Live holds many opportunities in terms of diversity" 

“We believe that Business Live holds many opportunities in terms of the diversity of the businesses that come here. We’re in a big place, it’s informal, we can have a chat and we can establish links and contacts where we didn’t think it was even possible to do so.” 

"You couldn’t ask for anything more" 

“There have been some amazing speakers, I’ve had the opportunity to get up myself which is great for a small business and a new business like mine. Exposure wise, you couldn’t ask for anything more” 
Theresa Pope | Dandi Patch 

“Daryl’s style is fun and engaging" 

"He has a genuine desire to help his clients and to build strong working relationships. I would liken him to a fitness trainer for your business – you know how to go to the gym but you are much more effective with a trainer!” 

“Daryl is an absolute pleasure to work with" 

"He is professional, responsive and goes out of his way to provide an excellent service. 
Daryl has spoken at a number of our conferences and his contribution is always outstanding and receives brilliant feedback from attendees across the board. His inspirational and honest talks are a real highlight and I couldn’t recommend him enough.” 

"ABP have strength and depth" 

"ABP have strength and depth and are hugely proactive to really make things happen. Solid trustworthy and easy to do business with... a pleasure in fact" 

"Daryl and his team were a critical part of the success of our programme" 

"Daryl's ability to get the heart of the problem and develop robust solutions for his clients helped us deliver on one of the government's most innovative business support programmes, helping over 20,000 SMEs achieve growth and success in revenue and employment" 

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